What is the cost of a lot?
Lot prices start at $73,900 CDN. This is some of the most affordable recreational property in western Canada. For pricing on a specific lot, check here
Is there financing available?
Yes! Century 21 can help you arrange a good deal. Please be sure to ask.
Can I build on my lot?
Yes! Owners are encouraged to build a cabin or cottage.
Do I have to build on my lot?
No. Some buyers will park a recreational vehicle (RV). Some will hold the property as an investment.
Are the lots serviced?
All lots are fully serviced. This includes water, sewer, gas and electricity.
Are there condo fees and, if so, how much?
Yes. This is common with any condominium. The fees are $1500 per year. The year-end is May 31st
What do the condo fees cover?
Condo fees are used to take care of the common areas and amenities like the roadways and the dumping station. The fees also cover water and sewer for your lot.
Who runs the Condo Association?
Owners elect a condo board. Note, Elinor Lake Resort is currently still a major shareholder, though the resort normally supports the decisions of the other owner board members.
Who looks after the place?
The Condo Association is managed by a Board which runs the day to day operations. Elinor Lake Resort is no longer the majority shareholder, though it is still a major one.
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